Cold appetizers

jel-meni (10)

jel-meni (9)

jel-meni (8)

jel-meni (7)

jel-meni (6)

jel-meni (5)

jel-meni (4)

jel-meni (3)

jel-meni (2)

jel-meni (1)

jel-meni (11)

The Old House speciality of mixed appetizer
Njegushi ham (local speciality)
Beefsteak mesada
Beefsteak carpaccio
Salmon carpaccio
Beefsteak tartar
Carp in marinade
Soups and Stews
Beef soup
Lamb soup
Veal stew “Ragu”
Fish stew
Potage of the day
Hot appetizers
Local speciality made of potatoes, flour, cheese, cheese cream
Cooked cheese
Spinach Pastry
Cheese pie
Corn bread with cheese
Breaded hard cheese
Grilled vegetables
Grilled mushrooms
Rolled eggplant (ham,cheese,pelato)
Cooked Lamb
Cooked Veal
Sheep grilled coset
Tagliatelle with sea food
Tagliatelle with zucchini and prawns
Pene with four kinds of cheese
Pene with prosciutto and cheese
Pasta Carbonare
Pasta Bolognese
Tagliatelle with beefsteak
Risotto with Sea Fruits
Cuttlefish ink risotto
Risotto with vegetables
Risotto with chicken and mushrooms
Risotto with Porcini and beefsteak
Meal Salads
Caesar Salad
Beefsteak Salad
Greek Salad
The Old House Salad
Octopus Salad
Salad with Sea Fruits
Dishes a la carte
Njegushi steak, fried roiled veal steak filled with cheese and ham from Njegushi
Fried rolled veal steak filled with cheese, cream cheese and ham from the central part of Montenegro
Durmitor steak, fried rolled veal steak filled with cream cheese and ham produced in the north of Montenegro
Meat in country style (local speciality)
Karadjordje steak, fried rolled veal steak with melted cream cheese on the top
Wiener steak
Parisian steak
“The Old House” Beefsteak (grilled vegetables, ham, potatoes under the bell)
Grilled Beefsteak
Grilled Ramsteak
Veal escalopes
Veal fillet
Veal medallion
Chicken fillet
Turkey grilled fillet
Pork fillet
Rolled pork fillet
Royal raznjic
Veal cutlet
Family Speciality (Njegusi steak, smoked hanger, white hanger, fritters)
The Old House Speciality (2 persons)
Meal of the day
Roasted meal under sach
Veal roasted in fireplace under huge iron lid
Lamb roasted in fireplace under huge iron lid
Young goat roasted in fireplace under huge iron lid
Roasted Meal (a la carte)
Spit roasted pork
Lamb roasted
Young goat roasted
Grilled Meal
White steak
Smoked steak
Veal liver
Lake fish
Small Trout from the river Moraca
Saltwater fish
Fish I category
Fish II category
Grilled Calamari
Calamari stuffed with prosciutto and cheese
Calamari stuffed with Prawns
Grilled Octopus
Grilled Prawns
Side dishes
Potatoes under
Dalmatian side
Cooked beans and vegetable casserole
Sauekraut with sausage, ham and cabbage
Soup made of local type of cabbage
Mushrooms sauce
Gorgonzola cheese sauce
Porcini sauce
Green peper sauce
Black truffle sauce
4 cheese sauce
Tartar sauce
Vitamin salad
Tomato salad
White cabbage salad
Green salad
Cucumber salad
Roasted peppers
Sopska salad
Serbian salad
Hot peppers (pcs)
Pickled vegetables
Garden salad
Home old cheese
Home mild cheese
Njegushi cheese
Coat sheep’s milk cheese
Pret-salee sheep s cheese
Mixed cheese
The Old House Cake
Home made sweet pastries (apple, cherry)
Sweet pancakes
Season fruits
 Ice cream ball
 Different types of bread